Think Safety, Act Safely

  • ⦁ Use parental supervision with children.
  • ⦁ Follow hardware instructions.
  • ⦁ Think, observe and plan.
  • ⦁ Care should be taken with sound capture, sound making, sound technologies, equipment and morphing.
  • ⦁ Watch wires and cables.
  • ⦁ Be aware of electricity and sockets.
  • ⦁ Be aware of the volume so it is not damaging to the ears.
  • ⦁ Pay attention to what is around you.
  • ⦁ Inform people beforehand.
  • ⦁ Be aware that sound objects have a physical impact.
  • ⦁ Be aware that sound waves and sound objects are invisible & temporary.
  • ⦁ Be aware that solid objects and sound objects are different.
  • ⦁ Be aware that sound objects are cutting edge technology and caution should be exercised.

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